Keys To Learning (K2L) has provided K-12 instruction to the South Bay LA communities for over 30 years. Our mission is to support students to understand how their cognitive process works in order to unlock their potential towards academic success.

We are a mobile tutoring service that conveniently meets our students at their homes, libraries, school sites (with staff permission), and any other public location. K2L has expanded to include tutoring at students' sports practices, be it soccer field, beach volleyball court, tennis court, skateboard park, etc.

I am proud to move K2L forward supported by a team of amazing and insightful academic coaches. These instructors are professional teachers of all ages as well as seasoned college students who exhibit a mastery of focused subject matter. We also have credentialed and certified individuals coming from college instruction and those serving children in the fields of social services and family support.

Master Instructors from the Los Angeles County Department of Education and numerous universities are closely consulted, keeping our team honed in the areas of ESL, Special Needs, and Advanced instruction.

Our academic coaches are required to produce progress reports every 3-5 hours of instruction. Within the progress report is also information about small attainable goals, which the instructor has created with the student. The student’s family is welcome to participate in devising these goals. The success of completing the goals as well as the concepts practiced and the future instructional strategies are placed in each progress report. The document is reviewed by K2L’s Director and then shared with the student’s family, classroom teachers, and school site support.

K2L makes it a point to remind families that we welcome the opportunity to work with school site teachers and are happy to support the parents during IEP and general academic conferences.


Locations Served

We support students throughout the South Bay Los Angeles area, El Segundo south to Palos Verdes and parts of Long Beach.  K2L is now expanding our presence to the Southern Orange County cities, Irvine south to Ladera Ranch and San Clemente.

Teacher and Student
Teacher Assisting a Student
Girls in the Library
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In the Classroom
Science Courses

Free Instruction Service and Reduced Rates

Our Services . . . 

** Day-Long School Support Program:

The program's purpose is to help support remote learning for students along with professional supervision so parents may focus on their job duties and securing employment, if necessary. The hourly fee can be as low as $3 per hour and is structured with free meal plans and 3:1 instruction from 8a to 4pm. Please click here for more details.

** Small Group Instruction & Home Schooling:

We also support Home Schooling families & small group instruction with all K-12 testing and subject matter. Please click here for the group pricing scale. Charter funds from Home Schooling families are accepted.

** K-12 Subject Support

Please be sure to ask about our program that provides 10-20 hours of free instruction. This offer pertains to all students in the South Bay, LA area.

We are capping hourly fees to $35 for families financially suffering from Covid 19. Please contact us to learn more.

** ESL Support                                 ** Dyslexia & Other Reading Cognition Support

** Special Needs Support                 ** Test Preparation

** Enrichment Instruction                  ** Summer & Winter Camps

** Adult Education                             ** Corporate Instruction

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Eric Skaggs, CEO

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